30 Mar 2012

Soooz Sez Stuff

This is one of the blogs of best selling author Stacey Danson.
Stacey is the author of Empty Chairs and Faint Echoes of Laughter. Both very moving books.

Today I am featured on her blog which can be found here.


11 Mar 2012


.......Hello, it's me. I just wanted to tell you that two awesome authors are offering their books for absolutely nothing this weekend on Amazon (of course)......

That isn't me talking there it's this young lady - New York Times best selling author Debbi Mack


This is what she blogged about Simon Swift.....

 ...... Simon Swift's novel BLACK SHADOWS is awesome (and absolutely FREE on Amazon this weekend),

Yes, it has a new and even more awesome cover now, but the content is still brilliant as ever.........

I am a huge fan of Simon Swift and we have a mutual interest in Errol the main character in Simon's novels.
It has been just whizzing up the charts and climbing higher as we speak.I also love the new cover. It's bright, feisty and has a don't mess with me look.

If you like fast paced crime then this is the book for you. What are you waiting for? Here is the link ....


His sequel Casablanca Case is already on Kindle. The paperback will be out shortly.
He is published by Wild Wolf Publishing.