1 Nov 2009

Well i'm finally on http://www.authonomy.com/ it took forever to upload it and impatient me got very frustrated. I've noticed a couple of typos since I put it up, but have I got the neck to take it down to do corrections.

Mostly my feedback has been very positive and I'm on a few of the other writers bookshelves. One of the talent spotters has now told me that he is "shelving" The Eye of Erasmus. I'm guessing that means it goes on his bookshelf. I'm going to have a look in a minute to see. As I joined the site and went live with Erasmus I was bombarded by other authors. Would I do a read swap with them? This as I understand it not only pushes their ratings up the book chart but mine also. I was origionally 4000+ in the ratings I then went to 1987. I still haven't worked out if that is good or not as it could change tomorrow.

Everyone is working towards getting noticed by the "editors desk" as this is where your work is read by our fate holders. All my fingers and digits are crossed for luck.

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R.R.Jones said...

Go Tee, Go !!!
Despite your quick success, it still seems a long way to that Editors desk Tee.
Ah well, griping won't help you get here,s O I'm going to try and join to boost your numbers... well, you know what I mean. LOL.