8 Aug 2008

Bliney Guvnor is it really that long since I did a blog.
..........Busy busy busy.......Thousands of emails to catch up on at work and I only do two days a week. What can I say.
Weather is naff naff naff. 3 hot days and a thunderstorm. In other words typical English weather. Some of my colleagues are off this week so my guess they are responsible for the change in weather. "We are just gonna doss around and sleep and doss" well I guess you don't need heat for that. Hopefully when they return we will be back to some good ole heat.
Busy at work teaching some new recruits about "how ropes work". Bless they do look a bit concerned.
That's it really. Waiting for an epistle fom Reg and Frank now............

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R.R.Jones said...

There's you waiting for me to bring a bit of Frank around and I go and let you down.
Sorry Tee.
I'll do better from now on :-)

I hope you showed those new recruits how ALL the ropes worked; we don't want anybody pulling the wrong one and making a nasty mess down the front of his/her trousers now do we? :-)