30 Nov 2008

Yippee I've completed my 13 weeks mediation course AND got the certificate to prove it.
So instead of knocking disputants heads together I now know how to do it proper like.
yea............. wahoo............


R.R.Jones said...

Well congratulations then.
It's cream buns and brandy all round say I.

R.R.Jones said...

The royalty side is something we've touched on. Though there will be some cash made, none of the band are expecting to make millions with this.
All I said was that if they're rolling in it and I'm still pushing shifts, then I'll be peed off with them. They are my mates, and the best way to alienate friends is by demanding money they don't have; so I'm not going to start stamping my foot etc etc.
The tooth was such a weight off of my shoulders. Unfortunately my knee has swollen up now.
I banged it on the weekend and it was all OK until yesterday evening. Now it's thick, warm and tender and the doctor isn't in until tomorrow.
Ah well, I'll survive.