7 Sep 2009

Well look at me I'm blogging again.
What a summer I've had.......suspected swine flu a kidney infection and after tripping over my cat and head butting the tiled wall in the bathroom a suspected dislocated jaw. I am now waiting to see a consultant at the max facial unit in our local hospital.
Now bearing in mind I had the origional injury in March and was told "It's a sprained jaw" This went on until recently when I was sent for an xray. "No it's fine coming along nicely". My doc said in 6 weeks it will be fine --- it's now 6 months .
The first thing I will do when I sell my book is take out private health insurance and to hell with the expense.
If I tell you that the local hospital missed a broken bone in my foot and sent me home with a "oh it's a sprain we'll put on a tubi grip bandage and please rest it".You will understand my apprehension about being told my jaw problem is a "sprain". Not only did the final xray show a broken bone in my foot but also I had torn the tendons. The baloon shape of my foot was a bit of a give away I felt but hey what do I know i'm only the patient.
Am I down hearted? you bet your cotton picking fingers I am.

So enough of all that whats happening on my book front with Shasta then. Well i'm still trawling Literary Agents to find the elusive publisher along with me ole mate Reg.
At the moment an artist friend is sketching the front cover of the book for me. Once that is done I intend to chance my arm on Authonomy and youwriteon and see what happens.
When I completed the trilogy I always pushed Shasta but I am now going to push the third book in the trilogy which I always felt was the strongest of the three anyways. When we look back at origional Manuscripts we have written we sometimes see glaring errors and the finger can't but help changing a bit here and there. Looking recently at my third book I thought yep time to give it a whirl.
When I wrote the stories I ensured that it wouldn't matter which order they were read in.The endings would always lead the reader into whichever story they wished to read next in the trilogy.
Who knows it may even end up as one book yet.
So thats it for now. As soon as the sketches are done it will go on authonomy and you can have a read of my wandering man.
So Reggo now you have something to comment on.
However I really enjoyed that Man U a big fat zero. Ha Ha

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R.R.Jones said...

A sprained jaw! Now that is a first, lol.
Glad you're back to blogging again, gives me something to read now and then, lol.
Why not try the place where I sent my MS to? Snowbooks.com.
They're taking their time with answering but they're:
a.) Highly recommended from Jane Smith from the "How Publishing really Works" Blog. Have a squint at this article about them. Scroll down, there's an interview.


b.) Selling stuff. Apparently they're doing really well.
It can't harm Tee, can it?
Glad you're back.
Reg ;-)