24 Sep 2009

Well Reg of www.divisionofthedamned fame came straight back at me as I knew he would.Well and truly got me in the playground. Liverpool are third in the league apparently while my beloved Arsenal are seventh. Wait and watch I say, we'll walk away with all the cups this year mark my words. Liverpool will be weeping in their beer along with Reg. A.V. I hope your listening.........
Reg in his blog has been telling of his prowress in song writing. He's a smooth talking little tinker. He had me listening to his groups CD on line. I did ask if I needed ear restrainers as I well know his taste in music. I did listen and nearly had my brains scrambled.It serves me right I guess AND I had the sound turned up. I haven't a clue what they're singing about or even if it is in English. Actually I think its German which makes sense as he lives in Germany.If your into heavy metal/rock though you will love it. The web site is www.godswillbedone.de.index.php?a=24.
I have every intention of listening to it again as I feel everyone deserves a second chance however, I might just keep the mute button depressed next time and watch the pretty pictures.
I know my son will love it so I may well buy it for him for Crimbo.

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R.R.Jones said...

Actually Tee, the guy sings in English, lol.
However, I understand your confusion because if you're not in "the Scene", as it were, you wouldn't be used to that style of vocal, i.e. Shouting, roaring and grunting every now and then, lol.
However, the lyrics are printed in the CD cover and they'll be online after the next CD comes out, (March next year apparently).
I'm back to writing now as well. I had one of those Eureka moments the other day, in regards to the new MS and it seems to have excited my writing bone, ooer!!
Take it easy Tee.