18 Mar 2009

Ey up it's me agen then.
Went for my first weigh in last night......
I lost two pounds and I sunk a few during the week. Yippe yeah.
My friend also lost two pounds - can't be bad.

On the writing front I am looking for an agent and this time I am sticking to the English market. I sent the MS off yesterday and it will be at least six weeks before I hear from them.
So it's watch this space.

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R.R.Jones said...

Good luck finding an agent Tee. I've more or less given up on that front.
I'm just going to send my stuff to publishers who take unsolicited manuscripts now.
Remember to check any prospective agents in Predators and Editors.
They show which agent has made money for their clients and which charges the client to make money off of them, like that scum you had before...Grrrrrrr.
Whatever, good luck Tee.
Reg :-)