4 Dec 2009

Well look at me " Mrs I'm Published".

I did an interview with Jenny Smedley the renowned Author/ Radio/TV personality. Actually it was like chatting to an old friend and I loved it.

Take a peek;

It's not all authorisms as Jenny and I are also both psychics. So if you're into scientific and spiritual stuff. Or just want to see two authors, having a chat about how Jenny made her dream come true through the written word, start clicking that mouse (Laptops.....do what you have to do). You will need to look at ALL the links though to get the full interview.

http://strugglingauthors.blogspot.com/2009/12/we-have-interview-with-author-tv-and.html http://www.strugglingauthors.co.uk/ .

Where would I be without Richard Grayling? He set up the links for me. Bit of a numpty I am when it comes to those.

You can check his blog/website out too while you're there.



Right then - back to http://www.authonomy.com/ to see how the Eye of Erasmus is doing.

I have been very humbled by some of the comments by editors and journalists etc.

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R.R.Jones said...

All seems to be ticking along nicely Tee, eh? lol.