5 Jun 2008

What's Occuring Then Rego

I have been trying to post a message on Reg's blog.
As I don't have a Google Account it won't let me post unless I sign up for Google.
I have tried several different ways to no avail They're probably stuck on the ethereal plane somewhere waiting to send all at once. Now that would be a larf.
Hmm unless you tell me different Reggy baby.
Maybe a blonde moment or the cold eh?

1 comment:

R.R.Jones said...

Hi Tee,
I recieved 2 comments from you on the 4th june. They were the last.
Haven't been online recently, been painting and stuff. The work has no end.
I changed a tiny bit on 'Frank Delaney' last night. Just had the two girls finding it hard to run with packs at first but then gradually finding their feet.
You'll see, it's not much but it is a point that EVERY ex-squaddie would see and say, "There's no way those girls could keep up with the men on a packrun straight away".
Well that's what I said anyway, LOL.
Right, now to read the rest of your posts.
Reg :-)