12 Jun 2008

Well I've missed two matches this week because of meetings. Bummer!!! I see Switzerland has bitten the dust - and - a host nation. Red faces and sadness there then.

The good news.... I'm not back into the 'chocolate factory' until Monday.
Having said that the weather has changed yet again and it's completely carp. (Yes that word).

And Another Thing.... Reg has done penance for being sexist hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Wicked woman!!!

Dont ya just love that little blue gas flame. ^.^

1 comment:

R.R.Jones said...

Typical woman, you give them a finger and they swallow you whole !!!
I didn't do penance, I just politely put my idea across to you in such a way as not to upset your delicate feminine sensibilities.
We all know how you feminist types react around any percieved threat to your sexual dominance.

Right, I'm off down the pub, get tea on for when I come home willya...