16 Jun 2008

What a couple of stunning footy matches. I was flipping channels like mad trying to watch both. Turkey and Switzerland both did themselves very proud.

Just come back from an Eldercare Day Centre close to where I live. My boss and I spoke to them about home security etc as most of them are over 70 and live alone. I think that most of them were still breathing when we left!
Lawdy I hope so.
They got really excited when my boss introduced himself. Then continually discussed amongst themselves what a good looking fella he was. I think they got him confused with Pierce Brosnan as his name is Paul Brosnan. - Double 0 three and a half.
As they're all day visitors from their own homes we are doing it daily for the remainder of this week. Maybe tomorrows bunch will be more lively. Or not. As long as they're all breathing when we leave......... Smiles


R.R.Jones said...

Well Sunday the pain was gone so I didn't bother.
I'm a coward so why bother Doctor Death with my nonexistent problems when he could be boring into somebody else's gnashers, right?
Have you read what Frank say's to Alan yet?
How do you think it comes off? OK or a bit too long winded?
I don't think it's long enough to be honest but I'll fill it out a bit when we're at the end, just before proof reading.

R.R.Jones said...

Germany vs Portugal tonight.
I'm going to the firebrigade building, pay 5€ and all the beer you can vomit.
Should be good :-)

I know it's only been 11 days but you know what?
I'm still optimistic and I'm firing myself up, you know the form Tee.
We didn't win the war by being realistic and negative now, did we?
No, we did it with American money, Colonial lives and a blind faith in the natural superiority of the Great British race.
Racism gets you everywhere and the nice guys always come last.
Not that I'm saying that the Germans were nice in WWII but...

I think I'll take my pill now.

DOH !!!