7 Jun 2008

I just watched the second half of Portugal and Turkey Euro 2008. Portugal won of course.
Now I was of the opinion that Ronaldo was Spanish. Ok so call me stupido!! Why would I think that. Yes of course the languages are similar but thats all.
However England aren't contenders so I'm not sure who to support this time. Well you have to support someone if you're a footy fan. My girlfriends think I have lost the plot, but I don't knock it when they watch "Sex in the City" and I went to see the film and didn't moan - sort of. I also have to join in with the office "gossip". Did you see? I can't believe how he missed that goal and hit the post...and so on.
I spent a very happy time in Utrecht awhile back so maybe Holland may get my vote. Personally I don't think they will make it to the finish.
So how about our old adversaries then? Umm well maybe. Well I assume they are contending.
Ok sorted then if Germany are playing I will support them - sort of. Well maybe I might fancy someone else.
I'm a woman and entitled to be fickle. Get over it :-)

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