22 May 2008

Got another one !!!

Struggling Authors is a website which I work very closely with.They have guided me through the labyrinth at times and propped me up when I sagged in the middle.
A couple of months ago whilst browsing through the message boards which I contribute to I noticed an advert for a Literary Agency who were looking for new writers.I noted it but decided to leave it for a while before I approached them. My own Literary Agent and I had parted company a while back and I was still licking my wounds.
I filled in the "on line" form and they came back vitually by return asking to see my work. As I had written a trilogy for teenagers I bombarded them with the lot.
Within a week I had another email asking if they could represent me. They apparently felt my work - with a bit of polishing - had commercial potential.
I am now waiting for the contract which apparently they also send by email.
Not bad eh? As I always say it's just a matter of timing.
I have also given Reg details of the Agency as I feel he could also benefit from it. What is there to lose it's all done electronicly (their preference to keep costs down). No stamps/enveys etc to worry about.
He has already approached another Agent and is waiting for a reply at the moment.
Why not go and look at his web site www.divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com/and see what his novel is all about. Its amazing and scared the hell out of me and I helped write the synopsis!!

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R.R.Jones said...

Thanks for the plug Tee, you're a mate.