10 May 2008


Is it really that long since I last did a blog. Frank Delaney has been keeping me occupied of late, along with councilling a friend and colleague over a week.
I decided to clear out my shed today. How can we accumulate so much rubbish? Have decided to do a run to the tip tomorrow with a friend to get rid of it.Why is it we hang on to things "just in case".
However its all tidy now. My biggest mistake was to put a sun bed mattress into a dustbin liner. I must have thrown it out with the rubbish some time ago. What a bummer! Got to buy another one now. On the plus side I found the other one lurking at the back with the tins of paint and garden stuff.
Have also cut the lawns watered the plants and am now sitting surveying the results.
It's 7pm and still quite warm. My son has returned the table chairs parasol etc. so I am sitting here watching the sun slowly sink behind the fir trees to the side of my garden. A nightingale and blackbird are competing in serenading me from the trees in my garden. The cat is laying beside me washing himself and a squirrel is sitting on the otherside of the garden just watching.
I have a glass of red in my hand and enjoying the last rays before the sun disappears. In the words of Pop Larkin Darling Buds of May........ Perfik


R.R.Jones said...
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R.R.Jones said...

The simple pleasures are always the best.
I can imagine the perfect day for me would be to wake up about eleven. A bit of How's-yer-father with the missus, breakfast with the well-mannered kids and then off to the pub with the chaps. Have a great afternoon session, grab some grub for the walk to the footy club and then watch Liverpool win the Champions league, FA Cup or something equally cool, then party on singing "You'll never walk alone" all night.
Aaaaaaaah... bliss.
I know you don't want to know about the How's-yer-father bit but if I hadn't have put it in you'd have thought, "Hang on, what about a bit of How's-yer-father? Is he gay?"
So I put it in.