15 May 2008

Blimey Oh Reilly

Well where did the week go? It was there on Monday when I woke up and now it's Thursday.
I have nothing to show for it apart from a broken toe. It's my little one on the left foot. Stupid woman....I foot butted the leg of the bed. I swear the cat smiled as he watched from the comfort of the bed.
My trouble is I hate wearing anything on my feet so I only have myself to blame.
Was going shopping tonight with my mate but it's raining so we put it off 'til tomorrow - and I can't wear shoes.
I can live with that but have run out of wine. The box has been squeezed dry!! Oh well going to settle for a nice cuppa. Tea or coffee haven't made my mind up yet.
Laters then.......


R.R.Jones said...

I find tea a poor substitute for wine.
Try Vodka.

R.R.Jones said...

I can't seem to get on the SA forum
It won't load up... Bah.
I'll try tomorrow.
Haven't been there for a while actually, shame on me.