2 May 2010

Well here we are on the second of May and it's absolutely "tissing down". It's a bank holiday of course thats the trouble. Oh well.

It would seem that Night Publishing is more than happy to edit and publish "my little man" Eye of Erasmus. I just want to make a few adjustments though to the plot. Why do we keep fiddling with perfection? I have no idea. Just let it go.
However there are some wonderful first chapters on NP and of course who can forget Regs' tribute to our fighting forces. The poem is entitled "The Colours". My poem "Avoca My Love" is also on there and due to be published in June in a compilation of short stories and poems.
I would suggest you check out the following books on Night Publishing. It will also give you an opportunity to check out the website (details below).

Monday Afternoon - Stephen Sangirardi -
Missio - Tim Roux
LOVE POEMS - Ian Parks - coming soon
Buenos Aires: A Train Ride Over The Rainbow
The Old Man & The Monkey' by George Polley
Get Some by Danny Birch
By These Things Men Live - Bob Ellal

No Death by Unknown Hands Minnette Coleman
The Interpreter Shah Wali Fazli
The Wrong House Genevieve Sawchyn
The Sacred Place George Polley
God's Breath Bruce Essar
Trippers William J Booker
Death Replies to Emily Dickinson DL Mullan
BROOKLYN BRIDGE - A Novel about love and Friendship. Lynne Morley
Remember When Brian Roberts
The Colours R.R. Jones

Check out all of the above at: http://www.nightpublishing.com/
At the moment the monthly poll is taking place to select a book for publication and the contenders are hot on each other heels.


Bruce Essar said...

Hi Teresa,
Great to read your blog page and see the plug for Night Reading loud and proud!
EOE should be in the hands of the general public - don't fiddle get an edit.
For me it is always a case of 'woods and trees' with my writing and the editor's view is one to consider, but ultimately it is your work and you can ignore the suggestions.
Bruce Essar
God's Breath

R.R.Jones said...

So there you are Tee, I've been worried sick, lol.
So Erasmus finally hits Publication ! FANTASTIC !!!!!! I can't wait to see it in print, you've sold one copy already Tee

As soon as it's out there tell me so I can order one... that's so cool Tee, I'm really chuffin' made up for you.
Like you said, all good things to those who wait. ;-)

Nice of you to mention The Colours. I've another brewing up but I've yet to put it to paper.
Right, back to work.

Stuart Aken said...

Hi Tee,
Perfection: we strive by our very natures as tellers of tales. We use words to make stories, but they must be the right words. I'm currently working on what I hope will be the final edit of the first part of a fantasy trilogy, which I started writing - wait for it- over 20 years ago! Happily, in that time I've also successfully published a novel and several short stories. But I keep coming back to the fantasy. Even publication doesn't curb the urge to tweak just a bit more, does it? I guess we're just doomed to keep trying that bit harder, knowing we'll never quite reach that pinnacle of perfection. Keep at it, Tee; it's worth the effort.

Genevieve said...

How very fantastic of you to plug the NR bunch!

I'm going to have to spend some time with The Wrong House, apparently - I only uploaded it as a lark to shut Tim & Bruce up. If you get a chance, come see my "real" book, Under the Same Sky.

Thank you again, my new, silly friend.

Stuart Aken said...

I've posted a comment on Nightreading. But it relates to Under the Same Sky. If you're interested, you'll find my writing at www.stuartaken.co.uk
Tim has posted reviews on my work on several sites.
All power to you and your writing, Genevieve.