11 Apr 2010

Richard from Struggling Authors and I met on Friday. He and his family called in for a cuppa and chat on their way home from their holiday. We didn't stop talking from the moment we met, and the two boys Luke and Ryan are just a joy. Richard and I have been emailing on the Struggling Authors website for at least three years I guess, so it was great to finally meet face to face.
Reg me ole writing mucker has a bit of good news I want to share for him. One of his short stories has been published. WHOPPEE DO !!! He's such a clever writer and always manages to put an unexpected twist at the end. That takes a LOT of skill. So if you fancy a read which I can thoroughly recommend go to the following link.


Right then
Pith Helmet tick
Wellies tick
Machette tick
Weedol Path Clear tick

I'm off to tackle the back garden.

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R.R.Jones said...

That's great that you both got on so well in, "real life", lol. It can all so easily go awry when people don't meet up to our expectations. But you're both pretty cool peeps so I wouldn't have expected any dramas.
Thanks for putting the story up, that was jolly nice of you Tee.
Hope the gardening went well. I'm laying some bricks tomorrow for my scooterm parking space. Fed up of parking it on the road so I made a small 2m square parkplatz for it. So after digging a hole, laying the kerb stones as a border, cementing them in and then filling the hole back up with gravel, it only needs me to pop the bricks down and compact them to the right level. Wish me luck :-)