1 Apr 2010

There is so much going on in my little computer writing world, it's hard to know where to start.
The interview with Tim Roux at Night Publishing has now gone live and can be viewed at Struggling Authors website under interviews (addresses below in previous blog).
Recently Struggling Authors joined forces with Night Publishing and the partnership is working very well. If you read the interview you will see how we have become conjoined in our resolve.
Many books are self published on the internet now and this seems to be the new way to go. Good writers have become very despondent with the publishing world at large and tend to either self publish or go to "new age" publishers such as Night Publishing.
Night Publishing has a motto "Good Books Must Be Published" and to that end they publish five books every month through a voting system. If you wish to know more about this then go to the website shown below.
At the moment the latest book to be published is called "The Old Man and the Monkey", details below:

"This is a truly exquisite book appropriate to anyone from about 6 years old and up. It has already received many enthusiastic reviews and deserves to be considered a classic.
'The Old Man & The Monkey' is a stunningly beautiful story of a relationship which develops between an old man and a creature which is regarded as a dangerous pest in Japan, a snow monkey, in George Polley's moving allegory of dignity in the face of racism".

You can read more about this on:

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R.R.Jones said...

Tee, you've been so busy and I've been so lax, lol.
Whatever, I'll get over it I guess. I can't seem to get into Nightreading all that well and I can't find the books they print on Amazon either, or perhaps they don't show up on the German site?
Whatever, take it easy Tee, I'm off to watch Alien vs. Predator 2 on the box :-)