17 Mar 2008

Why do parents worry about offspring

Well that sez it all really. My son and his partner (both 24 years old) and their baby daughter flew off to Spain in the early hours of this morning. They are spending a week with her nan and Grandad. It seems the old folks are out there for three weeks. The little darlings were up at 2am for a 6am flight from Gatwick out to Javier. About half an hours drive from my friends who live in Murcia. Yep the place advertised on the telly with the golf complex. It was brown scrub land when I was last there a couple of years back.
Yep I'm digressing again - a bit like Ronnie Corbett when he sat in his chair in the 2 Ronnies and eventually finished the joke after many diversities.
I looked after the baby yesterday at theirs while they packed the cases and sorted all the stuff. Food going in one end and having to change the other end. Ewwwwwww yuk.God I was knackered. I forgot how much attention babies need.Turn your back and they're gone. She-Madison Teresa (or another Mad Tee that is - i'm training her well), doesn't want to go through the crawling stage so she pulls herself up on anything that will support her including my body parts. I was sitting on the floor with her at the time. God my bits still hurt! I swear she has been on this earth before. She is too knowing and worldwise not to have been. Here I go again...........
Anyway with their promises of phone calls and text messages when they get to Spain I bid them farewell and safe journey etc. and made my way home.
Now according to the laws of aviation it should take no longer than four hours or so to fly to Spain so in theory they should have been there latest 13.00hrs or 14.00hrs tops allowing for the time difference... God I hate all that malarkie. Why aren't we all one standard time in Europe everyone else but England sorted it. Trust us to miss the boat literally. I read somewhere eons ago that there was some sort of summit to do with European and English time being standardised and the English contingency missed the boat. No change there then!!!!!
Anyway here I sat at the old computer all day doing "stuff" for Richard at Struggling Authors which I have been really enjoying.
Was there a text, was there a phone call?? Nada which translated from Spanish means 'nothing'. I've been to many Spanish classes. :-). I left messages, plus voice mails on their mobiles...........nuffin.............. Every so often I had the panic attack and the what if syndrome....
Tonight the land line rang whilst i'm in the middle of something. It's them. Their contract phones with orange don't work out there and so they're having to use the public phone box at the bottom of the road. They took great pleasure in telling me that it's 15 degrees celcius (is that the right spelling?) out there. They know I love the heat, It's one thing I will never complain about. It's never too hot for me. However here I am in old blighty with the central heating on..shucks oh it sucks.
They had a brilliant flight the baby thoroughly enjoyed it and I was a nervous wreck. So as I said why do parents worry about their offsprings?
Cos it's in our job descriptions that's why............

Lostris my cat (Lossie for short) is asleep on the bed yet again. Well it is before ten o/clock and thats when his nightime patrol of the house starts. I'm surprised he makes it up the stairs, he is 15 years old but having said that he scales my six foot fences to meet up with his lady love. Not that it does him much good, I took him in for the chop when he was 10 weeks old. I don't think he ever forgave me. I remember his face well when he came back from the vets.
Oh well blanks are better than nothing I guess.

Oh by the way Reg, apparently I have another clandestine viewer to my blog site. Evidently he reads my blogs but doesn't always leave a comment! Apparently you know him.
Laughs a bundle there then............ Bring it on. Ha ha ha


R.R.Jones said...

Another reader?
Well let's have a party then! :-)
Lostris is a very unusual name for a cat. In fact it's an unusual name full stop.
Lostris... it sounds Greek, like some underworld god or maybe an ancient Hebrew demon.
Very interesting.....
It's probably a Yorkshire name and means Lazy Git or something.
It's a funny thing but when we had Beavis, (our first cat) 'done' he never forgave me. After the OP he looked me in the face and I swear I saw a tear in his eye, a sort of, "How could you dude? I trusted you. I thought we were mates?"
I felt for him, I really did.

R.R.Jones said...

Our other cats are called Carlos and Lilly.
Strange names I know, but I didn't christen the poor blighters.
I'm slowly getting all excited about sending the MS off again.
Just need to pick up some stamps from the NAAFI and they're away.
I rang up the agency I'm sending it off to and the very nice lady on the phone informed me they'll take anything on if they think it'll sell.
Nice attitude.
The Devil take artistic merit, this is the free market baby and if it don't sell, it can go to hell !
(I just made that up by the way)
I'll let you know what happens.
Reg :-)

R.R.Jones said...

Come on then, write something.