3 Mar 2008

I am so grateful for this Monday

God what a week it was last week. Covering for my liaison officer. Looking after all the Police Community Support Officers and Community Beat Officers. Sorting out their meetings.............
Wednesday was my birthday and they bought me cakes and chocolates and lots of lovely cards. I'm not even considering going near a pair of scales. Much to frightened.
I love them all to bits but the work is sometimes very demanding. I know the rewards are even greater..........Yeah yeah. If I have a problem they close ranks around me.
This Monday my Liaison Officer was back from his hols looking disgustingly brown. How dare he have the right to look so smug after a week in the sun. Ok so i'm jealous I know that but at least he is back and I can get on with the day job as they say.
So yes this Monday morning it was great. Poodled along at my own pace. Luverly jubley. This evening I actual had time to do an article for Hedw on Tip Bits for writing short stories.
Have had a couple of glasses of red wine 13% and feel luverly. Now I know how Colwyn feels with his endless tankards of german beer.......... Can of worms.........I know he will read this. Ha Ha.
Will probably have a "head" tomorrow but it's great to relax.
Got another piece to do for Sammi now and my cat Lossie is walking along my computer desk saying feed me!!!! I can't see the screen so signing off until I have another chance to update.

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R.R.Jones said...

I'm late and I apologise but Happy Birthday anyway.
Hope you had a nice day, I ALWAYS have a good day on my birthday.
I never used to but the older I become, the more speial they seem to be... I'm not even going to begin to start thinking about what that means.
Thanks for the comment the other day, it did rather boot me up the jacksy and get me on the right path.
It's easy to lose the way when work, the kids, the wife and the scooter are all clawing for your attention and time. :-/
Right, I'll pop in again some time, when the wine bottle isn't empty :-)