9 Mar 2008

God I'm Trollied again

Well dear reader......Reg that is - probably. Here I am again. I don't think anyone else reads my blog. Oh bless!!!!!!!
Last night I had friends over and yes we hit the wine bottles again. It had to be done and out came the cheeses and the biscuits. All the usual things you have with wine. We toasted Sammi of Struggling Authors of course who was celebrating her 21st birthday and anything else we could think of to enable us to get to the bottom of the glass. A perfect excuse to open another bottle.
Tonight I have just come back from the Police Station bar. My section, the Police Community Support Officers and several hangers on were having a bonding session. Basically we were just getting trollied as I said earlier.
One of my colleagues had been on duty and when hunger got the better of her she decided to take her "refs" which is basically a half hour break for refreshments. She wanted chinese. She found a local one and on her return back to the vehicle the chinese went one way and she ended up on her b t m. The pavement was wet and slippery. A long story very short.....her colleague took her to the local A. & E. Dept. and yep she had broken it. What can I say.... if it's going to happen it happens to our P.C.S.O. Annie and she had just passed all the exams etc to pass out as a police officer. Once A. & E. was out of the way she came up to bar. She is to be in plaster for four to six weeks and she was devestated. It will probably put her timing for the Police back a bit. Many tears were shed and sympathetic "don't worry it will all be ok" were said, but at the end of the day she is still devestated by it all. But true to form we got her drunk to help her feel better about it. Eventually the drink got the better of her and she was looking forward to her enforced "holiday". Bless her. It will also give her the opportunity to do some studying which she admitted she was behind with. So in one way serandipity I guess.
AND I left my sargeant clearing up the bar so i could have an early night. Hah am I mad it's 00.37 and i'm sitting here unwinding while my cat attacks my leg through frustration. It's way past his bed time. Will he "lay in" in the morning?.........course not. Come 7am he will be on the rampage to be let out. Ho hum it's a funny old life....................

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R.R.Jones said...

I wish we could get whammoed at work.
However, that said, booze and molten slag are probably not good bedfellows. So it probably is for the better that we're not allowed to sup during shift.

The thing about cats is that they don't have to go to work. Granted they wake up early but they spend the majority of the day in the land of nod. In fact one of our cats spends 99% of her time either dossing or eating. What a life!!
The other is the best "Mouser" I've ever met. He kills EVERYTHING.
His record is eight rodents in a night, and that was just the ones he laid out for us on the patio. Another time we were having a BarBQ and he appeared with a mouse in his jaws. He laid it next to the grill and then shot off. Five minutes later he came back with another for himself and ate it in front of a crowd of fascinated children.
However, he does tend to wake me up in the wee hours by scaring the rabbits.
Gotta love 'em though, eh?