17 Nov 2011

Every so often a book comes along that is a good deal different from the norm and THE INTERPRETER  is such a book.

Shabir Khan leaves Moscow, after the fall of the Taliban, to
go and live in Kabul.
Whilst searching for work he ends up in Helmand, working as
an interpreter.

In his leisure time he studies and enjoys sports, but 
during a fight with a Taliban in his Karate club he 
injures him badly and is consequently thrown into jail.

Whilst in Helmand, Shabir hears the voice of a Taliban
commander over the ICOM, but is it the same one who 
jailed him?

Living away from his family is soul destroying but 
living with threats of decapitation to himself and 
fellow interpreters leaves him on a knife edge....

Take a journey with Shabir The Interpreter, on daily 
patrols with the American officers as they connect 
to the local village people and Afghan officials. 
Only he can translate for the Maliks and Mullahs.
Join me in the deserts of Helmand and watch Shabir’s 
battle with the Taliban for one day, then imagine 
what he goes through every day. 


 Shah Wali Fazli was born in Kabul, and studied 
medicine at the University of Kabul. He left there 
after the Taliban took over the city. In the year
2000 he came to England, where he studied English 
and computer technology.
His first book was called 'Running from Life',
published in the Dari language. It's also available
in English. 
When NATO went to Afghanistan, Shah's first job in
England was with the British army, advising them 
on the Afghanistan issues. He was also instrumental 
in helping them with cultural training. It was through 
this he got the idea of writing 'The Interpreter'.
Shah worked for years for the British army before moving
to Germany, where he started working with the American 
army, doing the same job. 
He still works with them today and loves the job.
 RUNNING FROM LIFE by Shah Wali Fazli
Take a look at Shah's web page here and learn a 
lot more about him and his life.

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