8 Nov 2011

An Eye Opener
Yesterday I completed reading and reviewing The Interpreter by Shah Wali Fazli.
 I would urge you to read this powerful book because although it is a work of fiction, the author has in fact first hand experience and knowledge.
It tells the life of an interpreter in Afghanistan (Helmand Province) and the heartache of actually doing the job.

Shah Wali Fazli

English is not the first language of Shah Wali Fazli and yet he writes clearly and distinctly. I could feel the trials and tribulations of the heat of the desert through the simplistic power of his words along with the knowledge that anyone in a war zone may never see the light of a new day.
Shabir Khan is an interpreter and yet he feels all the intensity of the war raging around him without the benefit of the fight. His constant fear is the safety of his family spread around the world. His parents in Moscow, his siblings in Zurich. His main priority is to do his job and keep his head down, whilst constantly wondering if he will ever lead a normal life again.
Through the story is a back thread of his other fear. His previous jailer and torturer is looking for him and Shabir finds himself with a near death experience courtesy of a suicide bomber.
I was unsure of the storyline at first, but I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to read The Interpreter. Although this is a work of fiction I understand the author was an interpreter.
I feel sure this book will be an instant success with the right exposure in light of the current world affairs. It's the sort of book that would appeal to the military I feel and has just the hint of a suggestion for a good movie.


A TASTER .......

The Interpreter

Come to the mountains of Afghanistan and watch my battle with the Taliban, for one day, then imagine what I go through, every day.
The Interpreter is back in town, injured and bleeding. Please shelter him in your homes, if you can, because he is in danger of losing his life and his battle in putting an end to the Taliban era, in Helmand.
Please join the Interpreter and be part of history. It is about someone fighting to rescue his war-torn land and people against their worst enemy, the Taliban.
I am the Interpreter and I don’t lack love and passion towards you, people. Please heal my injuries and stop my bleeding, I am there for you, people. I won’t let you down. I am the saviour. I am the Interpreter.


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R.R.Jones said...

Hi babes, I haven't been here for ages, lol.
I've spread your link for The Interpreter by way of an apology for being AWOL for so long. Are we still friends?? xx