8 Jul 2010


My feet have finally come into contact with terra firma, so grab me while you can.
I'm in print and I have signed a couple of books.

I've been interviewed by the local paper and the local radio station has given me a mention.
Richard of Struggling Authors tells me that if you 'Google me' now I come up as owning the 'net!!

Unbelievebly my video of me opening my proof copy of the book is now on a site called 'BIGLOBE'. You can view it at this attached link......    http://movie1.search.biglobe.ne.jp/video/watch/9a228abbfa58f699 If you click on it you will see a dropdown menu. Follow the links.
The irony is its all in Japanese but you can use their translater.

Carolyn Allen also had her book published at the same time as mine. It's called 'Knifing the Famous', and a fascinating read.
'Knifing the Famous' is an intimate, emotionally complex, portrait of John Watson who was a pioneer British plastic surgeon who operated originally on 'The Guineapigs' - pilots who had been shot down in flames during WW2 and grossly disfigured - and who rose to the top of his field with clients ranging from Lord Lucan and a wife of the Kray Brothers, to Lady Churchill and members of the Royal Household. The big question: did he operate on Lord Lucan a second time immediately before he disappeared after the murder of his children's nanny Sandra Rivett?
I found this fascinating because Lord Lucan seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. He could even be looking at this blog with a different face. Who knows?
Go to http:/www.lordlucanjohnwatson.com

So what else is going on at Night Publishing that you can look at?
Tim Roux is editing Catherines book at the moment. It's called 'Descending' so that will be hitting the shops shortly.
Genevieve Sawchyn an amamzing writer. Take a look at her work on either Night Publishing or her regular blog http://genevieve-thewritemove.blogspot.com/
Then of course there is Suzannah Burke - mind blowing Australian writer. Whenever Soooz posts anything new on NP I just know the beds will go unmade, dirty dishes in the sink etc. Her latest story is the mind blowing, 'MIND SHIFT' part 2. I would stronly urge you to go to the blog page on the front of NP, click on it and get reading. Oh the first part is on there also.

I have been so preoccupied with radio and paper interviews I haven't had a chance to check out all my other blogging friends.
It's on my "TO DO" list which is getting forever longer.


R.R.Jones said...

Japanese by golly !!! Good grief, I'm in contact with the new JKR here ;-)

I really hope I am actually Tee.

Gary Davison said...

Best of luck!

tee said...

Ow did I say I lerve all you guys. Hun I'm soooo trying to catch up with you but things just spiralled out of control. Still thinking of you and your success though.
One day we will get round to meeting face to face I know it!!

Soooz said...

Tee, i only found this by googling myself to find out what I'm doing...lol.

You are a marvel my dear, how you find the time to be so generous to other authors is an inspiration, I hope to be able to do the same.
Thanks for your marvelous generosity of spirit my friend.
You deserve all the good things coming your way.
Hugs xoxo Soooz