16 Jul 2010


My ole mucker Reg who hails from Colwyn Bay in Wales but now resides in Germany is at last going into print. Below is an extract from his new look blog. (Check it out).


Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2010
The Hot Gates.
The 300 vampire story, “The Hot Gates” is in print!

This is the splurge I used for the covering letter.
The film, "300" recently broke the Box Office with its tale of Leonidas and his brave Spartans, who stood against the might of Xerxes and the whole Persian Empire. The name Leonidas is now synonymous with self sacrifice and bravery; whereas Xerxes tends to be seen as a cruel, debauched and somewhat vain tyrant. I thought it would be a novel twist to the tale if the roles of these two leaders were reversed in some way.
In my short story, "The Hot Gates", Xerxes is a hero who has gathered an army to take on the Vampires of Sparta. Using the original characters and taking only a breath of artistic liberty, I drew on the legendary battle as my blueprint to tell the tale of the destruction of Leonidas and his bloodsucking 300.

Well, there you have it, my first go at marketing a story, lol. 10,500 words of Hellenic horror and Persian pluck!
Whatever, when I have the address I’ll put it up here and if you’re interested you can purchase one.
Still heard nothing from the publishers about my manuscript, but we’ve been there before and know that it means nothing…


His epic story called Division of the Damned is still awaiting publication and an excerpt can be read here on my blog.

So other things: Loiuse Wise of Wise Words has blogged me. If you go over to Wise Words you will see the wonderful words she has spoken about Eye of Erasmus.
Tiffany Harkleroad has contacted me from America. She would like to do a review of the Eye of Erasmus. I intend to send her a complimentary book so that she can read it in comfort. There is nothing like the feel of a new book in your hands.

I am now on Kindle and Smashwords. If you can't find me just Google my name I seem to be taking over the web of late with 5 or 6 pages or more.
Richard Grayling of http://strugglingauthors.co.uk/ has just updated my web site .... It looks fantastic and I owe him a barrel of his favourite drink.
Thats about it at the moment

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