7 Jul 2008

Ok So it's Monday today the beginning of my second full week of work covering my boss who's lazing in Majorca. The weather is horrendous and it might as well be November with a few sunny spells here and there.
However come Friday I am taking two weeks off and the crime can wait. Hurrah Hurrah just Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and counting. Yeah.
I will be doing nothing but lazing, regardless of the weather. In to no one and just chilling away the hours doing whatever.
Can't wait.


R.R.Jones said...

Have I told you that I'm flying to Britain tomorrow?
Just a couple of days with my family in Wales, (Colwyn Bay).
I can't wait, I'm like a little kid at the moment.
So, to that end, I won't be online for a while, well until next Wednesday at least.
Just so you know.

R.R.Jones said...

Actually Tee I only went out on the Sunday.
We had the reception at the local football clubhouse, (Colwyn Bay FC, "The Seagulls") so the beer was cheap.
I drank Guinness all day which turned out to be a bad idea the next day but that's another story.
A pint of The Black Death was two of your English Poundies so it wasn't too bad. Works out about the same over here.
The other days we stayed in with my brothers and sister. It's quite a big family, (4 kids and their respective offspring. My brother has 4 daughter and my sister a boy and a girl, and then add my tribe on top of that...) so it wasn't boring by any means.
Anyway, back to work today so I must dash.
Reg :-)