18 Apr 2008

Oh Bless his socks and smelly trainers :-}

(That's a form of endearment by the way - not personal)
Oh poor old Reg. I shot him down in flames again. Anything submitted to publishers and Literary Agents has to be in double spacing and he's tearing his hair out. Not to worry though he just needs to submit to a different agent. Most of them are happy to take two pages if necessary. It just needs to be brief and to the point thats all.

However Reg and I are working on a blockbuster at the moment on www.strugglingauthors.co.uk Without them I would have been tearing my hair out and selling it to mobile hairdressers for wigs.
Digressing again...
The blockbuster - called Frank Delaney The Longest Journey (working title...maybe) started out as a bit of laugh with "whose line is it anyway". I started with a few lines then Reg does a few and then it's back to me and so on....
I set the scene on a beach anywhere in the world and at the time was considering a touristy holiday read and Reg suddenly twisted the tail and it turned into an Americanised Vietnamese P.O.W. camp style novel. All of a sudden we realised we had got a novel in the making and we're working closely on plots and sub plots.
Who knows which way it will turn as we are co writing it and our thoughts and writing patterns are completely different.
I am completely out of my depth, but when in wet cement you just have to run a bit faster right?
If you're into soaps - it certainly isn't.........

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