4 Apr 2008

Here we are again then

Well that sez it all really.If I don't write something I will get a bollocking from Reg to do so PBQ.
I had a brilliant day today as I met the young lady who will be doing my illustrations for my book trilogy and updating my web site.
Kirsty Powell is her name she lives in Swanley in Kent and she will be going far mark my words. At the moment she is a student at Maidstone College in Kent.
I met her at Ashford International Station and we went up to the local bar cum resturant my colleagues and I use. Very quiet for a change it's usually banging out current music and it's a case of "breathe in i'm coming through". At least by the time I get in there at night its heaving. The bouncers fortunately only have the odd body to evacuate though. So it was quite nice to sit and have lunch with Kirsty and look at her sketches for the web page.
My expertise is in stick men. Hers is amazing - how wonderful to have that sort of artistic temperament.(Is that how you spell it?).
I admit I was spellbound. She has put into drawings the ideas from my head and I can't wait to see her work on my site. We're talking faeries and robins and magik (Yep right spelling for my work) and movements across the page and she is even going to re align my links etc. So what can I say.
Old shoulders with a young head I guess.
Reg of divisionofthedamned fame is still waiting to hear from the agent to see if his MS is accepted or not, whilst I have moved on from my agent who dropped me hot potato wise. Is this a face that looks bothered? NAH you get over it and move on. I am working with Struggling Authors now which is a web site set up to help published and unpublished authors. They have done more for me in four months than my agent has done in eleven months. It can be found easily enough at www.strugglingauthors.co.uk. + they also have the web site SLR Books which is worth taking a look at. Mostly because I have got an article printed on there.
They have promised me sales of my book and help with publication so who can ask more than that.
Reg and I are writing a novel on SA......he writes a bit and then it's my turn. A bit like "Who's Line Is it Anyway". it looks like it will be a good laugh cos neither of know where it's going.
BUT I get the feeling we are well matched with our sense of humour so we shall see.
Well it's after eleven and I have to be up early in the morning as I am helping to look after the grandaughter (10 months old yes you knew that didn't you I've told you before)so its up the wooden hill for me.
Ta ra

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R.R.Jones said...

Well that was weird.
I penned a lovely answer to your latest Blog entry and it wouldn't register.
Anyway Tee, I digress.
So you're looking after Baby this weekend and I'm on late shift. It's a hard life we lead isn't it?
Sunday is my last lateshift and on Monday I'm on nights so I'll give the Vietnam Vet story a going at then.
I am so tired and do you know what? I've got to work until ten tonight.
Where is the justice?
Where is the humanity?
Where is my buttybox???
Oh well, back to the grindstone.
Have a good weekend, cos I won't.
Reg :-/