12 Apr 2008

Margies Place

A couple o'me Irish poems as promised to that 'pool man!!!
Oh go on then just this once I'll root for them against Chelski. (If all our players had been fit though!!! mutter mutter)
"Margie's Place" is dedicated to my landlady in Avoca - or Ballykissangel as it was known on the TV series. Most of the crew and stars of the series stayed with Margie during the filming.
I was going through a particularly difficult time in my personal life when I flew to Ireland for a break. Margie was like a second mother to me. I also discovered that no one in Ireland locks anything at any time. The trust was wonderful and I fell into the habit.I have got irish roots of course in Southern Ireland.


I flew into Dublin it's raining of course
I looked to the heavens to see the source.
But I didn't mind I came for some peace
For me it was a happy release.
To be welcomed by Margie with open arms
I knew I was home and felt so calm.
Each day was special just wandering in awe
At Irelands own without a chore.
Visitors came and visitors went
But I was the only one from kent.
I left my cat and neighbour's cockerel
Which crowed in the morn just 'cos he's got to
A surprise for me at four one morn
A tap on the window from my sleep I was torn.
A pheasant was asking to be fed
I just wanted to sleep in my bed.
Next door to me was a haunted tower
With spooks and ghosts that walked any hour.
All too soon my last night arrived
Releived to find I had actually survived.
An early meal to put things right
I then settled in for the night.
At two in the morning I felt myself yawning
Something had disturbed me but what could it be.
Lights from a car, it was the visiting Greek.
He'd lost his key so I sneaked a peep.
I returned to my bed and settled my head
Thanked God for no pain and slept again.
At three in the morning without any warning
The door handle turned and gave a squeak
Worried and concerned I chanced a peek.
'Twas a woman in the buff, she looked pretty rough.
Oh for the Greek I'd have pulled back the sheet
Kept him 'til dawning and confessed in the morning.
A time to remember from now to December.
Thank you Margie for the fun and laughter
Something I'll remember 'til forever after.
For letting me loose with all your plants
I'm sure you thought "my sainted aunts!"
For teaching me wherever I roam
Things like "It's your granny's home."
I shall remember it all like no other
But I will never forget........I'm not your mother!!

c./tkg 18/07/01


Avoca My Love

As I sit in the hills caressed by the trees I look down on

Avoca my love

With crocks of gold and legends of old for this is

Avoca my love

Through the mists of the morn before day is born I still see

Avoca my love

Serenity and peace are holding me still in Avoca

Avoca my love

Where the waters meet they laugh and sing your one with

Avoca my love

The breeze in the trees whispers gently don't leave Avoca

Avoca my love

For embedded in time are roots that are mine in Avoca

Avoca my love

With a breaking heart you call to me still, come back to

Avoca my love

Although we're apart I leave you my heart 'til I'm back in

Avoca my love



1 comment:

R.R.Jones said...

Avoca My Love is by far the best poem I've read from you.

As I sit in the hills caressed by the trees I look down on... great opener.
I liked this one actually. I never admit it but I've liked poetry since my last two years in school.
Not all the classics are classics in my eyes and sometimes one line can define a poem...
Right, enough of me being arty farty.
I sent Frank Delaney to a mate of mine. He loved it. Ok, ok, he's a mate and he owes me money and I did buy him ten beers before he read it but still...
praise is only praise if you take it as such.
That's what I'm saying on the matter and that's what I'll stick to.