9 Apr 2008

Can you believe it!!!!!!!!!

The 'pool against Arsenal ("The Champions"). We lost 4-2, even on aggregate. What can I say? The penalty? Don't go there!In fact best passed over I guess. Reg won't let me live it down. My guess Chelsea will beat the 'pool ( I can't stand Chelsea
:-) but The 'pool beat Arsenal so I have to support Chelsea. Right. Right?........we will see.)

I am now on rest days for four days Yeah and yippee. Sleep Sleep Sleep. Went to a Police conference yesterday and workshops. The Chief Constable of Kent decided to chat to me. In fact he came and sat beside me for a chat. Well I am a volunteer.

Then some more on Reg's and my novel on strugglingauthors.co.uk. (The plug is needed).
My friend came round earlier to pick up some furniture I had been storing for her. Well it went in through the front door but would it go out? Nah course not. We turned it on its side upside down sideways. What a larf and palaver. Finally, finally we got it out. Two psychics together and we still couldn't work it out. However - bit to the right "Mr. Shifter" bit to the left "Mr. Shifter" and it's gone. Thank the Lord. My lounge is back to normal. As normal is.
Right where's the see wind? (See Wind? Predictive text of course - you work it out)? No? Red Wine of course.

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R.R.Jones said...

Come on Tee, don't be like that, Liverpool are far cooler than Chelski.
Well, I did it.
I splashed out and ordered the Writers and (p++s)Artists handbook for the year of our Lord 2008.
Actually, I got it on the cheap, (Ebay of course) and it only cost a paltry 17€ with p&p.
Good that innit?
I had early shift today and tonight I'm out on my mate's Stag Night.
S'gonna be a long day methinks...
Whatever, you only live once, right?