20 Apr 2008

Oh dear Oh well

Looks like I'll be watching Liverpool v Chelsea on Tuesday night then.
I'm neutral but I sorta promised Reg I would favour Liverpool.Oh God
I can't believe I just said that. I'm Arsenal through and through.
Well Liverpool had better win now.......... Or Helga makes use of the chopper!!!

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R.R.Jones said...

Good Grief Woman, you take your footy seriously !!!!!
Come on, The Pool are a worthy cause and it won't cost you a penny, I reckon.
Anyway... let's get to bizniz.
I can't tell a lie tee, I haven't done anything except read what you sent me.
It was not through design or slothfulness on my behalf I can assure you.
I only drank 4 beers all weekend and that's a punishable offence in certain parts of Jolly Old Germany.
No, I was working on my house.
Even my wife was happy with my output, (work output) and that's saying something.
The bottom line is that tomorrow I'm doing my lawn and watching the footy.
Wednesday I'm on late shift and will write a goodly block after shift when Stephi, (the boss) has gone to bed.
So Tee, now you know what's going on.
Please don't be impatient but I had to get the work finished or it was going to be Lawyers at dawn... ok, it wasn't that bad but you know what I mean.