22 Feb 2008

Shasta The Trilogy Synopsis

:::::::: Well finally guys and gals by popular demand the SHASTA SYNOPSIS ::::::::




The trilogy of the lives of a woman called Shasta.

All three books are now completed and aimed at age group - 14 years plus.

Although the story begins in the present, Shasta the trilogy allows the reader' imagination to dictate a time frame.

Synopsis - SHASTA

This book is about a young vibrant imaginative girl called Poppy. She is sent to her aunts' house while her parents go away on a business trip. Here begins an imaginative, MAGICAL and wonderful story about Shasta.

The feelings the reader can enjoy in this story, opens the mind and senses to the belief that we can take on as a young teenager.

The story describes the magical village and the warmth it brings to the mind of anyone willing to open up their imaginative minds. Wouldn't the child in us like to be transported to this dimension?

As Poppy's feeling for her eccentric aunt unfold, with spells and magical beginnings, there lays an unknown heritage conjoined with her aunts cat - a truly fascinating animal.

This book opens up all the fictional characters that anyone believes in, clap your hands if you believe in faeries or they die. Do we dare not believe? Our imagination is our saviour.


A village of powerful gifts used at will by the inhabitants.

This book tells of a traveller and colourful transporting wagons. The village enables us to use again our imagination, as it describes in detail the environment. It enables us to almost smell the earthy smells, and the environment that the reader is transported to. Here is where Poppy has an unusual effect on the village beliefs of old, etc....

She is then transported into the past, to regress her previous life as Shasta. Here lies where the path of true love develops and wonderous beginnings unfold.

Unknown to Shasta this male whom she has uncontrollable feelings for has a past.

Will fate recall the past?


Erasmus is the story of a time traveller. No matter what age, it allows our imagination to take flight into our own thoughts and fantasies.

Erasmus enters "one world" during a raging storm. Over the years he becomes aware of and develops his numerous spiritual gifts.

Whilst peering into a deep red fire, his eyes show him his forsaken love.

With pounding heart he transports himself through time to meet her.

The story also embarks on a mystical story of forbidden love between Shasta and Erasmus. Their time travelling love is always one step ahead of them. Will they finally meet within the same time zone and reawaken their spiritual excitement?

If their love grows, will it develop and assist future time travellers to take on what they have or haven't discovered.

Watch the story and hidden angles unfold.

As it unfolds it makes ready for the vortex, which will be opened by a young girl in the future, and so once again the story of SHASTA begins.


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