20 Feb 2008

A Day in the life of...........

My closest and dearest friend I would lay my life down for.

Well thats a bit drastic but you know what I mean.

Due to changes in her job (which is closely linked to mine in the Police) she had to learn to drive. My friend is in her thirties so this was quite a challenge for her. However she finally plucked up the courage to do it.

When I learnt to drive it was a driving test on the road, a few questions on the highway code and "well done Teresa you've passed"! Hooray. Fling arms round neck of examiner and vow eternal love.

So my friend after several lessons in a small Fiesta went off to do her theory test and passed first time. Plucking up even more courage she put "L" plates on the family seven seater people carrier and drove her husband and myself to Tenterden which is no mean feat from where we live and in rush hour with little darlings coming out of schools.

Within three months tongue in cheek she put in for her driving test. This woman was on a mission and her job relied on her passing a.s.a.p. Unbelievably she passed first time. Even she didn't believe it.

The following morning at 07.30am she phoned me. I was on a rest day but I dragged myself awake.
"I'm scraping the ice off the windows (we had a hoare frost overnight). Is there a quicker way to defrost"? I suggested she turned the engine on and let the car warm up which would help.

This woman was going to travel 20 miles in the family seven seater which had now been designated her car. What pluck she had!

She turned the engine on......... nothing! Three times she tried with the same result. The end of a long story ......... she got picked up and driven in to work.

Gutted all day, she text me on the way home, "I will be round to pick you up soon we can go for a spin".
This was about 5pm and bearing in my mind it gets dark at about 6pm.


1. She hasn't driven in the dark before.

2. This would be only the second time she has driven this vehicle.

However, she turned up on my doorstep her courage still intact and carrying a change of underwear.
I took one look at her face and said
"would you like me to sit beside you while you drive home"? (A matter of ten minutes up the road. Half an hour if you walk).

"Oh yes please" she said

So yes we had a bit of a spin.

We got back to hers and I helped her park it. We had a cup of coffee and a debrief of her driving (exemplary I might add) for about an hour and I ended up getting a taxi back to my house which cost me nearly £6.

I related the story to the taxi driver who I know very well and he never stopped laughing until we pulled up outside of my house.

What a day ......................... and I still luv her to bits.

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R.R.Jones said...

The things we do for our friends, eh?