24 Jan 2008


My name is Teresa Geering but my colleagues call me Mad Tee.
I have worked for Kent Police as a volunteer in their busy Neighbourhood Dept. for 16 years. Although I only work two days a week normally, the job itself is very demanding. To chill out I write poetry, mostly humorous. I have a portfolio of approximately thirty.

I have written 3 books about Shasta and, tongue in cheek, I sent the first to a Literary Agent - who snapped it up! Finally someone had faith in my writing. We signed a contract and he approached at least sixteen publishers including some mainstream. Interest was shown apparently but they had never heard of me and were reluctant to take a chance. After all..............”Who is this Teresa Geering no one has heard of her”.

So here I am!

Stay tuned for more postings


Struggling Authors said...

Hi Teresa,

Good lcuk with your blog - it can be a bit of a slog sometimes to find great content but hey, you're used to that!

Cheers and good luck from all at Struggling Authors!


SammiH said...

You've just reminded me that I haven't updated my blog in ages...think November was the last time I wrote in/on it!

It looks great, good luck with it! No emoticons here so I shall have to make do with a smiley :-)

R.R.Jones said...

I don't really see it as being "the blog is a slog" (if you'll just pardon my pathetic little rhyme there).
I quite like plopping down my random thoughts about anything and everything, regardless of whether it has anything to do with my book or not, for all and sundry to read.
I see it as more of a therapy/diary/rant page and though it's definitely not Shakes, it is good fun and I'm quite proud of mine.
Don't see it as work, see it as a sounding board for your thoughts and hopes... oh dear, I am sounding very tantric here aren't I?
Just enjoy it, simple. I'll shut up now.
Reg :-)

H said...

Hi Teresa,
Richard (Struggling Authors) has mentioned you to me. I have read the excerpts from your novels, and I'm intrigued. I hope you find a publisher soon. What an achievement, to have written three books. I'm still working on my first novel. It's hard work, but I am enjoying it.
How do you like blogging? I started my blog last year, and I love it.
Kind regards,