7 May 2011


I have just come back from a parallel universe starring the laugh out loud Colin Rapper  a k a 'Crapper' as he is known by his students.
Here's why ................


Colin Rapper commonly known as ‘Crapper’ works as an English teacher in the zany world of Looniversal Learning. If you have a sense of humour and can ‘back chat’ you fit in nicely there.

It’s inhabited by students of at least the forty plus age group, who’s main objective in life is to make Colins’ life as disruptive as possible. Among the many varied subjects nestles ‘Cooking the books for crooks’.

Colin is very fond of making lists which he either can’t find when needed, or they turn up instead of reports he should be presenting to Miss Snapper commonly known as ‘Miss Slapper’.

The beign of Colins’ life appear to be the dithering, treacherous, tone deaf - when it suits her - Miss Tedley and Jack. Their main aim in life to wind him up on a regular basis. Miss Tedley and her friends also cause mayhem when they attend the gereatrics arobics class. ‘determined to get down and with it’

Scott is the brains of the bunch. When he takes to the school roof to hurtle himself into oblivion no one worries too much as he has paid his course fees up front. As he hurtles through the roof onto the unsuspecting Colin totally flooring him, Colin is heard to remark
“Look Scott if it’s about that hyphen usage …….”

A typical quote from the book ….

“Why did you send Samantha home?”
“Because your Samantha set fire to the library”
“Nobody ever uses that bloody library. Why is it such a big deal?
“Because Miss Tedley was in there having forty winks at the time”

I never did work out what the mad cap Miss Tedley was doing in any class apart from causing major disruption.

From the first page to the last I never stopped giggling and at time even laughing out loud.
Quite often I felt I had slipped into a parallel universe or the twilight zone.

So if your planning to take a long walk off of a short pier (so to speak) I recommend you take along the zany humour of Mike Churchs’ Dayrealing. I can guarantee, you will be clutching at thin air trying to get a firm hold, thus enabling you to finish this mad romp in Looniversal University.

Thoroughly recommended with 5 stars for 'best effort.'

√£ Teresa Geering 07/05/2011


Mike Church said...

Dearest Tee, Thank you so much for making the effort to read my book and then post such a kind review. I really don't deserve such support . . . but I'm delighted to have it! I shan't forget this. Mike x

R.R.Jones said...

Great review Teester, nice one, Mike is such a good guy, I really hope it does well for him. I'm going to put this up on my FB page.

Kristen Stone said...

Have read bits of this myself, but after your review Tee, I can't wait to see the whole thing. Just what we need in this dire world or doom and gloom.

Mike Church said...

And thank you again :) Tee, Kris, Reg, it's an honour knowing you, and it's lovely to have your support. You have mine too, of course, and very much look forward to reading all of your work as they are released. First T's compendium. Kris & Reg - got dates yet?

Tantra Bensko said...

Thanks for reviewing such a worthy book. Though, of course, Mike the Unworthy we'll have to drop into the slop pit so he doesn't get any supportive benefits from it.

It's a delightful romp, for sure, the humor clever enough to keep anyone laughing. And your review puts the story in perspective nicely.

So glad Night Publishing will be adding this solid piece of entertainment this Fall!