8 May 2011

The Magic of Finkleton

Here is a book for the child in all of us. I loved it and have given it 5 star reviews on Amazon.com Goodreads and Barnes and Noble.


I have yet to read a book from the Night Publishing stables that has not left me in awe of the brilliant writing ability of it’s authors.
The Magic of Finkleton by KC Hilton is no exception.

William Finkles’ uncle dies unexpectedly leaving his store and home to his nephew. Ironically Williams’ family home is burnt to the ground at exactly the same time. So the family due to this qwerk of fate relocate to the village of Finkleton.

Sceptics would say ‘coincidence naturally’ but the dwellers in Finkleton would state even more clearly ‘that’s the magic of Finkleton.’

William, his wife Emma and their three children Jack, Elizabeth and Robert settle into their new home and start to become established in the welcoming village. The old fashioned store holds many secrets that the children discover one by one. Elizabeth (Lizzie) the bookworm through her obsessive factual reading of her great uncles’ books. Jack through his obsession with tidyness, and Robert through his obsession with machinery.

The dusty old shop slowly allows each of the children to discover their Great uncles’ secrets. Each child at first is determined to keep their discoveries well hidden from their siblings until the opportunity arises for them to disccuss their finds in full.

Through trial and error the children correct the crop rotation by learning to control the weather. To state more would give this wonderous storyline away.

As it states in the prologue …….. Some folks say Finkleton holds the luckiest lands in England. Others shrug instead and say that it’s a magical place.

This is a striking book for all ages and which of us can ignore the magic that fate has to offer. I would urge you to buy this book and enjoy it’s magic.

Highy Recommended 5 stars.
ã Teresa Geering 08/05/2011

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KJ Kron said...

Good to hear! I too have read Night books (six so far) and have been impressed. Based on your review, I'll get The Magic of Finkleton. Thanks!