16 May 2011


I highly recommend this book and I bet if you read it, like me, you will be shouting No! No! No! when you get to the last line. A real cliff hanger.


Abortion of a child must be one of the most horrendous decisions a woman will ever have to make.

Such was the situation with nineteen year old Imogene. Already tending to her arthritic, alcoholic, abusive mother and eight year old step sister Sarah whilst holding down two part time jobs and a college eduction.

She is befriended by a nun who suggests she takes her situation one week at a time until she can come to her final decision.

Her father is prepared to help in any way possible, whilst Matthias the father of the child is prepared to bite the bullet and marry her.

Jessica Degarmo had me riveted to the storyline as it twisted and turned. Would Imogene keep the baby, have it adopted, or abort. I was left guessing right up to the final sentence where we are left with a very clever cliffhanger.

I was left screaming NO! NO! NO! …. at my laptop screen as I still had no idea of the final decision.

A marvellously written piece of work which I read in one sitting and one which I would also highly recommend.

ã Teresa Geering 16/05/2011

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Hilton said...

I completely agree with you. 'Six Weeks' will go far and grab the attention of many people, from all walks of life.