12 May 2011

THE BRINGER Took my breath away

And here is my review



Everything stopped in my household as I began to read The Bringer. Completely mesmerised by this stunning book I eventually began to take on tasks one handed as my Kindle was in the other. Samantha had me completely hooked. At times I was convinced I had the storyline all worked out but I was out smarted again and agin by the brilliance of the writing technique.


A Bringer is a being completely devoid of emotion and feeling. Their function is to escort souls to Heavens door and leave them there for the next stage of their journey.

Max though who suffered a recent demise, is determined not to go on his journey with Lucyna (The Bringer) until he extracts a promise from her to keep an eye on his grieving thirty something son James. Against all the rules and expectations of ‘The Elders’ she reluctantly agrees. After all she only has to look in on him once - or twice doesn’t she? but what she didn’t expect was her overwhelming feelings she suddenly started to experience. Something completely unknown to her. Yes and you guessed it those feeling were love which bowled her off her feet, bearing in mind of course that she can travel at the speed of light at will.

There are many twists and turns in this mesmeric book including other celestial beings that turn up unexpectedly with their own tales to tell.

Many times I felt a tear coming on, but this is certainly no slushy Mills and Boon romance. This is a solid, rock you to the core, epical storyline and I urge you to read it.

Highly Recommended.

5 Stars is the maximum, but I would definitely give The Bringer 105 stars

The Bringer has burnt itself into the depths of my soul.

ã Teresa Geering 12/05/2011

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