21 May 2011

A Really Funny Book

Kate Rigby of the Night Publishing Stables has written a really funny book called A Little Guide To The Unhip.
Here is my review which I did last year after my original read.


I have been trying to read this for some time now and when Tim Roux asked for us Brits to review it, then it was an ideal opportunity for me to sit down and get on with it.

I didn’t want to be persuaded by other reviewers so I plunged straight in.

First let me say definitely don’t read this when in the company of others because you would be constantly explaining your mirth.

And laugh I did – out loud most of time, because I unfortunately fitted most of the categories.

From the umbrellas (Hands up to that, I’m lethal!) to packing a potty to pee in to avoid soaked pumps and a stung botty by nettles. (Done that too)

I’m from the wussy south, but again, I do resort to the odd f**k s**t and b*****ks as opposed to golly, gosh etc.

 This I feel would make a very interesting TV programme or weekly slot on TV ... aptly named.... A Little Guide to Unhip read by KJ Rigby.

Many of us remember waiting with breathless anticipation for Pam Ayres to read her latest “One of Me Poems” in that wonderful accent also from KJ Rigby’s’ neck of the woods.

I only intended to read excerpts as chores needed to be done. However, I read word for word as it was so much fun.


TKG 20/08/10

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Gerry McCullough said...

I fully agree, Tee - 'A Really Funny Book.' Most people are bound to find lots to relate to and laugh at in this Little Guide. Highly recommended!