27 Mar 2011

Humour by the bucketload

Tim Roux of Night Publishing (my publisher)has introduced me to the fun side of his character. So when I read and reviewed the book I responded in kind.

Here it is:

(Just Like) El Cid’s Bloomers - Tim Roux

So there I was sitting in this down and out pub in ‘ull sipping on a glass of Merlot when this guy comes and joins me with his pint of Old Perculiar.

Without being asked he starts to tell me about his friend Jake. An estate agent by day and singer songwriter by night. Apparently Jake was married to Cathy and through a complete misunderstanding his wife throws him out - suitcases and all.

Not to be out done he shacks up with a nineteen year old groupie that wants nothing more than the ring on the third finger left hand and all the trappings - or should that be trimmings. The sight of her naked is apparently enough for Jake to need the resuss trolley standing by . Oh and evidently he’s considerably older than her. Finally he does the decent thing and gets her pregnant, but it would seem that paternity is a bit of an issue.

Well to cut a long story short his ex, through wiley ways, tries to win him back.

I was left pondering on whether she would succeed while the stranger went up to get fresh drinks.

I await with bated breath for the outcome from him when he returns.

………… I’ll give it 5/5 stars. I laughed the whole way through and read it in one sitting it was that good.

ã Teresa Geering 25/03/2011


R.R.Jones said...

Looks good Tee ^^

Mike Church said...

Thanks for the review, Tee. I'm looking forward to getting into Tim's works one of these days. I think he's a fascinating man.

Where do you recommend that I start? With Bloomers?

Cheers, Mike

Anonymous said...

I've only ever read one book in one sitting - took me all day, in between my wifely and motherly duties, but it was worth it. Cally Taylor, Heaven Can Wait.