20 Mar 2011

Another one to watch for

Kathryn Brown has recently come to my notice and is one to watch out for.

Her book Discovery at Rosehill took three years to research and write. Here is a taster for the palate.

........Finding your dream home is difficult enough, but what if you found it and then discovered it was haunted? Medium Camilla Armstrong is led to the beautiful Rosehill country estate after communication with her deceased grandmother. On first inspection she senses tranquillity within the house; the gentle atmosphere of a Georgian manor that is crying out for new life. But when she moves in, Camilla discovers the house contains a dark secret, one which is to change her life forever.

When The Reverend Marcus Calloway introduces himself to her, a friendship develops and Camilla realises she could at last have found her true love. But all is not what it seems when further spirit contact confirms that Marcus harbours a guilty secret.
Spirit communication, manifestations and an eerie atmosphere all add to Camilla’s new surroundings as she tries hard to decipher mixed messages and a life she never knew existed. An open mind is all she asks for as her relationship with Marcus grows ................

Kathryns' blogs are at the end of these links:

Crystal Jigsaw – http://crystaljigsaw.blogspot.com/

Marvellous Mable – http://marvellousmable.blogspot.com/

If you love spooks and ghostly happenings I recommend a visit.

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