13 Mar 2011

One for bedtime

I was just given the opportunity to read a childrens book called Kaya Stormchild.
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Review of Kaya Storm child - Lael Whitehead

By Teresa Geering

There are many fairy tale books on the market which we love to settle our little loved ones down with. The stories of old, handed down through the ages and still loved and remembered by adults.

Kaya Stormchild will fit firmly into this category I believe.

A gentle tale of an orphan child (Kaya) rescued in a storm and befriended by an eagle who becomes her Surrogate grandmother.

Kaya has been granted a unique gift. She is able to communicate with the animal kingdom and it is this gift which carries this wonderous magical story along.

The Omrith has gone missing and the seasons will never turn unless it is recovered. It has to be found before the Summer Solstice.

With the help of her new friend Josh, the lady from the thrift shop and an otter, Kaya tasks herself with the recovery of the Omrith conch shell…..

Kaya Stormchild is a wonderful magical journey with a storyline that the child in me got totally absorbed in.
I just know that I shall read it again and again.


Lael Whitehead is a musician and writer who lives with her family on a small sheep farm in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. Her three daughters have grown up, like Kaya, without going to school.

Lael has published many articles on alternative education.
Kaya Stormchild is her first novel for children.
Lael Whitehead is also part of an established musical group called Jaiya. I have a permanent link attached to all of my emails because the group Jaiya allowed me to use their music for a youtube video link.
Here is the link to their music

As a firm believer of all their thoughts and beliefs I purchased one of their CD's and it is totally inspirational, haunting, and mesmeric.
I would also add that I have converted many friends to their music.
ã Teresa Geering 12/03/2011


R.R.Jones said...

Not really my kind of thing Tee.
Any vampires or dinosaur stories...?

R.R.Jones said...

I read ARC earlier on today, left a comment as well.
Must get myself in gear on SA, haven't been there for a couple of weeks now.
Take it easy Tee.