23 Mar 2011


The Abandoned Edge of Avalon by Eden Tyler left me wanting far more and I felt a bit like Oliver Twist .....
I hope this review does it justice.



Underworld. Evil. Vampires. Magik. Spells of Olde. Time Portals. Orbs. Love ……

There is something for everyone in this dynamic, scintillating story of changelings and the human world.

Alexis Hodge is your average 24 year old living at home with mum and Dad until she discovers she is not only adopted but is also a changeling. From that moment on her life takes on a completely different track as she enters a time portal.

She discovers love within this strange kingdom but is he a vampire? werewolf? Or just a plain old fashioned good guy?

Taking on the ‘Leader of the depraved’ Alexis begins to realise exactly what powers she does indeed possess as a changeling . Her new resolve possibly comes from her fae mother or the blood of her lover which she drinks for strength.

Will there be a satisfactory ending …?

I became so involved in this beautiful storyline I found myself almost living it, and I was gutted when I got to the end - I felt like Oliver Twist wanting more.

Thoroughly recommended with 5 stars.

√£ Teresa Geering 23/03/2011

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R.R.Jones said...

High praise indeed Tee!

Reading, "Strike" at the moment and by golly it's good. No really, I never thought I'd get into a story with, what I always call, Romanticised Vampires, but it's a tad more brutal than I imagined.

Whatever, just thought I'd let you know, lol.