6 Apr 2011


Under my spotlight this week is Paul A. Rudd (not that one, Night Publishings' one) of ARC fame.

Under my spotlight is my very first ‘victim’ Paul A Rudd. I got him before the sharks did!!

Hello Paul and welcome to one of my many homes around the world. Make yourself comfortable and as you’re not driving help yourself to a drink from the well stocked bar. I’m just going to switch on the spotlights and set the stage for you. While I do that you can begin to tell me a bit about yourself.

Well Tee I am blessed with the same name as a legendary Hollywood actor. And yet my only claim to fame is being selected to be a zombie in an up and coming British horror/comedy, which unfortunately I had to turn down due to my lack of visionary skills without my glasses……

Wait! You’re telling me you’re not the real Paul A Rudd? What sort of a let down is that? And I thought..... Mind you that zombie bit did make me laugh. So tell me about this Paul Rudd and what his interests are.

I always wondered what it would feel like to join the realms of fiction. For me writing began as a release from the daily grinds of stress. I started writing the ARC purely for fun. Then when I started to build the characters and the Aquatic Research City itself I thought “what if…” So I went for it.

So you’ve got me hooked Paul what happened next?

No wait let’s refresh our drinks first.

Right then (tucks feet under legs on sofa) so what DID happen next? It sounds exciting.

Well..... I reached the pinnacle of releasing my first book through self publication and then hit a low just as quickly after realizing it was full of errors, even after a thorough edit. At the time I felt aggrieved that I released it in such a way. Since then I have bounced back with a fresh edit and no longer dwell on the past…I’ve bulked up the manuscript with another 50,000 words and have made in depth changes to the original. Fingers crossed it will have the desired effect… …if not I might be swimming with the fishes!

Talking of the fishes can we put a picture of your book cover in here?

What are your views on Self Publication Paul?

It’s a great way to get away from the starting blocks, although it can cost a fair whack. I’ve spent probably more than I would have liked, but I believe in myself and my writing ability. I can also say I’ve released a shark novel and there are not many who can say that.

Due to a busy schedule, and a young family, I needed help and assistance, which came along in the guise of a fantastic editor called Tee Geering who worked wonders. Since then I have signed a contract with Night Publishing.

So Paul I got quite engrossed there. Have you got anything else coming up?

Yes Tee I’m looking forward to seeing the second edition of The ARC reaching bookshelves across the globe… …Or at least credit for a good page turner.

To end on a high note here is me finishing off with a little snippet from one of my favourite movies….

Oh go on then just this once, but if the other Paul Rudd knocks on the door you’re outta here PBQ!!

“Ash and Captain Dallas are dead. Cargo and ship destroyed. I should reach the frontier in about six weeks. With a little luck, the network will pick me up. This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off……”

Good grief is that the time? Thanks for dropping in Paul, I enjoyed the chat. Could you just turn off that spotlight for me on the way out? Thanks!

Oh hang on you didn’t tell me your web site!

My website including impending manuscripts is http://www.theauthorpaulrudd.co.uk

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R.R.Jones said...

He really comes across as a great guy, doesn't he?