6 Apr 2011


Tim Roux my publisher http://nightreading.ning.com  has landed a bit of a coup ............. here it is. Nice one Tim and 'Simons Choice' author Charlotte Castle .............. Fingers and digits crossed then.

The Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Street Hotel has set up a book club whereby it gives each of its 14,000 guests a month a courtesy book of the month.

They are considering offering a Night book as a book of the month and may even run a monthly vote à la Night.

Obviously I am dead keen to build a relationship with the Radisson Edwardian Book Club not just for Night Publishing, but also for the wider Night Reading network, especially as they have an additional 12 hotels should this experiment become a proven draw for bookings.
The literary editor for the club is the literary editor for Time Out. Would love to meet him too.

Here is the link: http://relaxatnight.blogspot.com/2011/04/because-night.html

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R.R.Jones said...

If it comes off it will be a major boost to NP, fair play. As you put it, Fingers and dangly bits crossed then... or something like that, lol.