9 Feb 2018

Where were we...

Hello my little chickadees

Well it's been a while. In fact it was just before Christmas when I did my last blog. Christmas is long gone now and we're starting February.

Did you all have a good time? I bet you can't even remember. If you were anything like me you'd have been stuffed with food and booze. Now don't start trying to kid me, of course you were! Well perhaps not the teetotallers amongst us. I only have drunkards in my pub but I'll make an exception for that kinda cute guy at the back there with the lemonade.

Anyway I digress. My loyal readers of my blog have still been visiting daily according to my stats and I've ignored you because I've been busy doing other things. My sincere apologies.

Actually I started reading Fire and Fury (inside the White House) That's another story so I'll leave it there.

So what have I been up to you may ask? Oh come on, you know you want to know, dontcha. Oh yes you do.
Well I was writing the next Erasmus and Shasta story entitled Merlin (working title) which I've set in medieval times. Soulfate should have been the 'final chapter' but my readers wanted more so who am I to argue. This one is full of buxom wenches, spells, the stocks, feasting and debauchery, serving wenches,,, oh I could go on. Anyway I opened up all of my WIP of which there are three now and by mistake opened up the Ghosts of Timeless Cottage. I found myself immersed in it and finally finished it. My good friend and beta reader Jo Sexton (an author in her own right who many of you know) read it through for me and with a lot of nervousness I approached my publisher with it and he loved it. It's now on pre order with release on 14th February (next week yikes!)

After I did the cover reveal I was astonished by the positive reaction I got worldwide. Having said that, when I checked it's pre order listing on Amazon it had shot up through the ranking from 1 million+ to #141 within 24 hours! Wahoo and happy dance.

So if you missed it, here is the cover and synopsis with the links.


Carolina has everything a beautiful young woman could want. A penthouse flat in London overlooking the Thames; Wined and dined in the best restaurants and a peach of a job with a very healthy salary in the Houses of Parliament.

In her spare time, her alter ego J D Wells is a successful author selling books by the millions unbeknown to her work colleague the charismatic Right Honorable Jonathon Taylor MP who she PA’s for.

Her refuge from the misdemeanors of Jonathon Taylor and his mistress is her aunt’s cottage by the sea in Hastings. When her aunt dies unexpectedly she inherits the cottage and a nest egg amounting to £250,000 along with several unexpected sea fairing ghosts.

Carolina, with persuasion from Cornelius the resident ghost, finds herself compelled to write his biography in which she discovers that they have a past history.

When disgraced minister the Rt. Honorable Jonathon Taylor turns up looking for sanctuary and an affair with Carolina, the ghosts take their revenge.


For the last two years or so, the local community radio have wanted to interview me during a live broadcast. (Hugging myself with terror)

"I will get you in one of these days" said the DJ

I've finally bitten the bullet and agreed to go in after it's release. Wish me luck.

Thank you for dropping by.

Laters Potaters

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