3 Dec 2017

Tee and her alter ego in the Enchanted Forest

Hello my little chickadees

How are you? Honest I'm really interested ... and if you believe that ... ! Well you can tell me if you want but I'll be long gone before you start dontcha know. Are you all ready for Christmas? Really/No me neither. (Just covering all bases there)

Well then that's enough about you, what about me. I know you didn't ask but I'm going to tell you anyway. As it's Christmas time I popped on my faery wings and flew down to faery cove to see my alter ego Tee in the enchanted forest. She's absolutely gorgeous if I say so myself.

I arrived just as the sun was beginning to set and as I wandered through the enchanted forest I could see the occupied toadstools in the distance lit up. Faery lights hung from the pine trees and there was a fine sprinkling of snow on the ground, however it wasn't the least bit cold. The major clue there is enchanted forest.

Tee's toadstool was slightly bigger than the rest to accommodate her size.

Tee's toadstool
As I approached I could hear a deep voice and much giggling. Obviously she had company and it sounded like Shinny Upatree who was Santa's oldest friend and the co-founder of the enchanted forest. As I stood outside I heard a different voice which I didn't recognise. I coughed loudly outside the door and hoped for the best. Instantly the door was opened by Shinny Upatree so I had been right. Sitting beside Tee was a very pretty fairy with a slightly red face. Tee was lounging on her cushions with a tumbler full of what looked like mulled wine. Instantly she recognised me, well why wouldn't she as she is my alter ego.

"Tee what a lovely surprise, come in and sit down. You know Shinny Upatree but I don't think you know Sugarplum Mary Mrs. Claus's magic helper."

"No we haven't met before but can I say how pretty you are?"

She blushed profusely as she lowered her eyes shielded by the soft long black lashes.

After the niceties I sat in one of the low chairs at the back of the spacious toadstool, which was bathed in a warm glow from the worms hanging from the roof. I adored visiting Tee. She was always welcoming and put on a good spread as the saying goes and her quick wit was renowned.

"So what do I owe this pleasure Tee? not that you aren't always welcome in the forest."

"Oh I thought as it was Christmas and we haven't caught up for a while I'd fly over, and it gives me a chance to flex my wings."

"Can i get you something to eat while you're here?"

Tee snapped her fingers and a spread of food replenished what had been eaten earlier. Cheese and biscuits of all kinds and I noticed another bottle of mulled wine nestling in the middle. Whilst I tucked in and replenished my glass we made small talk and giggled a lot. Finally Shinny Uptree and Sugarplum Mary made their excuses to return to their own toadstool.
Shinny and Sugarplum's toadstool 

Yes it seemed that Shinny and Sugarplum appeared to be an item. Now I was aware that Shinny Upatree was a bit of a naughty elf and Sugarplum looked a bit on the rotund side so perhaps there was a little Shinnyplum on the way.

Fully satiated with the food and drink I began to quiz Tee on what she had been up to since I last saw her.

"Oh you know, just the usual Tee. Keeping the enchanted forest and faeries in order. It's such a pleasure for me and I guess you noticed that Sugarplum Mary is looking a bit on the rosy, rotund size. A sweet sugarplum will be making an appearance soon I shouldn't wonder but as for me, well I have three work in progress on the go at the moment. Carolina's Seafaring Ghost, Merlin, and The Mirror of Darkness. I'm enjoying writing all of them but a friend designed a lovely cover for Carolina's Seafaring Ghost so i have been concentrating on that one. The trouble is once I start writing everything else gets neglected and I only have one pair of wings to use."

"Tell me about this work in progress Tee. What's it about?"

" Well I haven't written a synopsis yet but it's the story of a young woman who works in the Houses of Parliament as a PA to a Right Honourable MP called Jonathan Taylor who is a bit of a ladies man. She enjoys breaks at her aunt's cottage in Sussex where she can relax, unwind and carry on with her writing as a very successful author writing under a pseudonym . Eventually her aunt leaves her the cottage and she spends weekends there but there is a lodger in the form of a seafaring ghost who takes a shine to her."

"So does she eventually move in with this ghost and leave her PA job then Tee? It sounds exciting."

"Ah well it's nearly finished. When I do finish it, I promise you will be the first to read it."

"Ohhhh lovely. Well it's been lovely chatting Tee but I really need to be getting back before it gets really dark. I forget how deceiving it is in the forest because of all the twinkling stars and faery lights. Once I leave the perimeter it's pitch black and I'm a bit out of practice with my wings so I guess I'd better get going. Give me a hug and then I'll be on my way."

Tee stood up to hug me as I shook out my warm cloak. My wings did a little flutter ready for the off. One final hug and I was on my way. Soaring into the air I noticed Peter Pan first of all with the children and then the elves doing a test run of Santa's sleigh ready for Christmas Eve. I sighed deeply. All was well with the world at the moment. I flew out towards the North Star and made my way home, looking down only once. Maybe one day my alter ego and myself could get together and I could live there permanently but for the moment I was happy to go home to prepare for Christmas Eve.

Laters Potaters

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