26 Jan 2016

What is she up to now?

Hello my little chickadees

In case you've forgotten what I look like 

Well it's coming up towards the end of January 2016 and I haven't even put the washing on yet! Or for that matter got rid of the winter cobwebs.

You know the type, when the spider sits in the corner of the ceiling watching you demolish all of his hard work. What does he do about it? The little 'tinker' waits 'til I turn my back and then starts again. There comes a point when I think "you know what? You have your fun while I'm sitting here writing." Then I get so involved in my plot lines and research I forget about him. Eventually we come to a mutual agreement. He doesn't build them at face level and I leave him to his own thing. I used to have a huge one that used to pop out in the evening to say hello. I called him Arthur and he lived under the fire grate. He's gone to spider heaven now. My friend was frightened by him and 'disposed' of him outside. Poor Arthur... She 'fessed up days later when I mentioned him.

Anyway I digress. Lately I have been writing again. The genre is crime thriller and it involves an assassin who also has a day job. That's all I'm saying but I'm enjoying writing it. The research for his different methods of killing is interesting but tiring at times. I'm beginning to feel like Agatha Christie and Miss Marple. Actually part of it may well be set in the Caribbean (for Miss Marple fans) The remainder is set around London and Europe. Oh and it will be a full length novel this time I hope. We'll see.

I got royalties recently $1.11 Actually this means that three people bought my book between December and January. When you consider how many million books there are on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Nook etc that's quite something. The thing is of course many readers wait until they're free downloads which happens from time to time. I have no problem with that at all, however a review in a couple of words on Amazon or Barnes and Noble would be wonderful. Think about it... when you buy any item, don't you check out the reviews first? I do and I'm guided by that quite often. The good thing about books on line is that you can have a quick read of several pages before you buy.  So the next time you buy any books regardless of who wrote it, please take a couple of minutes to write that review. Just log in, search for the book and let your fingers do the talking. Something as simple as 'I would recommend this book to other readers' is enough. There are even step by step instructions.

A couple of years ago SOULFATE actually got to #3 in it's genre, which is absolutely phenomenal since I've only been writing seriously since 2011.

Since then of course I've been interviewed by an American Publicist, TV Personality at Highlight Hollywood. He read and enjoyed A Russian Gift of Love then approached me! I in turn spun on a penny when he agreed to give me an interview. Listen folks, this guy just doesn't give interviews. "I turn them down daily Tee but for you I'll do it!" Did I also say one of his clients is Leonardo Di Caprio. No? One among many.

I also have another exclusive interview to do of a Hollywood star and producer when his film is finished. Watch out for that one. Probably not too far into the future.

So then that's me up to date. I haven't blogged me for ages, so I thought it was about time  :-)

Thanks for popping over. I'll put the kettle on next time or open a bottle of something.

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Suzannah Burke said...

I'm loving the sound of the newbie, Tee. It's so easy to see how much you love writing, it comes across with resounding clarity in everything you do. Now, let me see which of your books I haven't reviewed. I enjoy them so much, and a dose of Tee's writing is always good for my soul.