3 Feb 2016

Twittering Away

Hello my chickadees

I'm a bit crud at twittering and often find I'm wading through mud but here's some excellent advice from Rosie Amber on getting the most out of twitter share days #wwwblogs

Rosie gave me permission to use it and I hope it's helpful. I've copied and pasted it for accuracy. So here we go......

From Rosie Amber
Welcome to my new feature called Wednesday Wing where I’ll be passing on observations, tips and information to readers I’ve made a note of.
Rosie's Notebook
Today I’m passing on a tip about Twitter Share Days given to me by @TerryTyler4
Most people who use Twitter as part of their marketing platform know about the Twitter Hashtag Share Days


Twitter is all about THE RE-TWEET / SHARING. The further you can get a tweet to go in the Twittersphere the better it is for you. Twitter Impressions measure how far your tweets spread to the Twitter audience. Check out yours under Twitter Analytics.
On a Twitter Share Day use the Hashtag for all your appropriate tweets, DON’T just use the Hashtag because it is popular and spam it on any tweet. Many share days ask you tweet about a BLOG post relevant to the Hashtag and creators of the Hashtag have guidelines for its use. #MondayBlogs, #TuesdayBookBlog #wwwblogs #SundayBlogShare #WeekendBlogHop should all be used to promote a BLOG post with your subject in it.
Then you need to help SHARE other tweets for that Hashtag day. To do this search the Hashtag in the Twitter search bar, this will show a list of all your followers who have posted a relevant tweet. BUT to get to the wider audience go to the “More Options” at the top of the Hashtag tweet list, tick “Tweets” and ALL the Tweets on Twitter using that Hashtag appear, get sharing these and your profile will start to get picked up by other users. If you have one of your Tweets pinned to your own profile for that Hashtag day it encourages others to share your tweets too.
Happy Tweeting!

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Rosie Amber said...

Thanks for the re-blog, I hope this will be of use to many others.

tgeering said...

Thanks Rosie

I have on average 1,500 pages views a month so fingers crossed its helped someone :-)