22 Sep 2012

They're coming back!

For all the fans of Erasmus Shasta and Merlin I am now writing the final book in the series.
Yes, I really thought I had finished with Erasmus, because the Eye of Erasmus and Shasta Summer (two books in one) completed the trilogy. Not so it seems, as so many of you have been commenting as follows....

    "Noooo you can't leave it there. We want to know how it all came about initially and how it all ends."

So you will now get your wish as the fourth book is being written at the moment back to back with another more up to date young lady who goes time travelling.

This current book in the series centres more on Merlin and his love of the beautiful Shasta and yes it will be the eternal triangle. It's set in medieval times (sooo much research needed) and is much darker, more sinister, and I have to admit far more raunchy in style. But then I do wonder at times if I'm the one writing it, or the person hovering at my shoulder and whispering in my ear.

A heinous cackle can be heard as he leaves my shoulder and disappears into the ethos leaving a trail of smoke behind him......

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